World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day

World AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency system) Day is held on 1st December since 1988. It was first visualized by Thomas Netter and James W bunn in 1987. They were the public information officers at WHO. The president of the United States declared the announcement of Worlds aids day in 1995.

It is caused by the infection of HIV. HIV damages the immune system of our body. So, this day is for raising awareness of AIDS which is an international day. On this day the expression of sorrow is also given for people who have died because of AIDS.

In the year 1999, a joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS(UNAIDS) came into effect. It is the main advocate for accelerated, comprehensive and coordinated global action on the epidemic.

The main theme of world AIDS day from 2011 to 2015 was “Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related death.”

As per the result of the year 2017, almost between 28.9 million and 41.5 million people have died due to AIDS and almost 37 million people are living with HIV. This makes it one of the major health issues globally is history until now. It is one of the 8th health campaign given by world health organization.

Improvement has been shown over the years from antiretroviral treatment and more improvement is still in process.


Difference made by the community on AIDS.

1st December is an important day to recognize the important role of the community. Community plays a very vital role in the success of the HIV response. Of the 37 million people 63 percent have already got treatment. Thousands of health workers and members of the HIV network contribute to this success.

Global leaders have recognized the role that community plays each year in ending AIDS. Worlds health organization is highlighting the differences these communities make while drawing the attention of global for wide engagement to strengthen health care. The strong role plays by communities is needed to ensure that AIDS remains on the political agenda and that human rights are respected.

The main cause of AIDS:

Sexual contact

Using infected needle

From an infected to child

Blood transfusion

Nearly 2.6 million children under the age of 15 are affected by AIDS which is a very depressing situation.


In the first two years of world AIDS day, the theme of World AIDS Day focused on children and young people. But the theme at that time was critical as it ignored the fact that people of all types of ages may suffer from HIV. It helped people to recognize the disease in the long term. UNAIDS created the World AIDS campaign in 1997 after it got planning and promotion in 1996. In 2004 it became an international campaign.

In 2016, the white house of America begins to display a red ribbon as an iconic symbol to support AIDS.


What can I do on World AIDS Day?

You have the opportunity to support people who are living with HIV. You can wear a red ribbon by buying from any cosmetic store.

Why do we celebrate World AIDS Day?

World AIDS is a day to support the people suffering from HIV and in remembrance of the people who have died because of AIDS. 1st December is a day for an opportunity to fight against HIV. Moreover, it The theme of World AIDS Day 2019?

The world’s 30th AIDS day was observed across the world under the theme “Know your status”. The 2019 theme is “Communities make the difference”. This year it will be celebrated on Sunday 1st December.

Who Started AIDS Day?

The world’s AIDS day was first started by Thomas Netter and James W bunn in 1987. They were the information officers in the world health organization.


What does the red ribbon symbolize for World AIDS Day?

The red ribbon symbolizes the AIDS awareness for the people who are suffering from HIV and in remembrance of the people who have died. All the people on the 1st December ware red ribbon to support them.

What do black roses mean?

The color black symbolizes the deaths and sorrow. It is the color of farewell and sadness. It can also be dyed with black color in white rose which is also called black beauty.

How can I get a red ribbon?

If you want to wear them on world AIDS day you can find them in the cosmetic store and counters.

What do purple roses mean?

The lighter purple roses are the symbol of love and the darker purple roses are the symbol of long term love.

The small steps you can take to prevent AIDS:

The best way to prevent AIDS is to not get the virus or be exposed to the virus from a person who has a virus. The virus is carried in the body fluid blood, sometimes it is the dental problem which results in the drain of blood into the mouth. If someone gets caught or touches these body fluids then he/she can easily get AIDS. You should wear gloves and have a proper sanitization after you touch.

During sex, you should use the condoms which are also an overall barrier for overall pain or vaginal sex. Because in all cases you can easily come in contact with the blood which is HIV. You should immediately go to the doctor if you think you have that virus.

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