Valentine ’s Day

Valentine ’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. A day when people show they love each other with diamonds, roses, chocolate, and other things. It is also called the first of saint valentine. It originated from Christian feast day which honors saint named Valentines. It is recognized as a significant culture that celebrates romance and romantic love in most of the places around the world.

Saint Valentine restored sight to the blind daughter of is judge and wrote a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell before his execution. 14th February is honored by the Christian martyr, Saint Valentine of Rome who died on that date in AD 269. 

St. Valentine was a moral, generous and romantic person. Some of them point towards the great poem that Geoffery Chaucer wrote in the 14th century “The parliament of flow”. It signifies Valentine’s day as the time when birds choose their mates in the winter season. In the present day, Valentine’s day has remained popular across the world and is remembered as a romantic and gift-giving day to your loved once.

What is Valentine’s Day?

It represents a romantic love for couples to spend their time together. It is traditionally associated with love, romance, candy, etc.

What is a synonym for Valentine?

The simple synonym of Valentine is sweetheart, truelove.

Is Valentine’s Day a religious day?

It is recognized as a Western Christian feast day. It is based on the significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance.

Top 17 facts about Valentine’s day

1. The term love birds can be traced back to the old belief that birds find their mate on February 14th each year.

2. Love letters although are often given on Valentine’s Day were started a long before Valentine ’s Day.

3. Giving chocolate on this day was a tradition started by the first pilgrims in America.

4. Giacomo Casanova is considered to be the greatest lover having seduced over 122 women in his lifetime.

5. 64% of men do not plan with romantic Valentine’s day with their sweetheart.

6. The heart symbol is most associated with Valentine’s day. It was created in 7th century BC in Syrian Libya to resemble the shape of the seeds of silphium plant which were popular for preventing pregnancies.

7.  The most expansive gift of love ever given was the Taj Mahal in India. It was built by an emperor as a memorial to his wife as a symbol of his eternal love for her. It took 22 years to build and required the labor of over 20000 workers from all over India and Central Asia.

Taj Mahal

8. Singles awareness day is the same as Valentine’s day.

9.  Giving out Valentine’s cards was started in 1415 bu Charles, Duke of Orleans, who would write love poems to his wife while he was in prison.

10. Today over 1 thousand billion cards are given out every year. Making it the second biggest card-giving season just behind Christmas.

11. Roses are traditionally given on Valentine’s day as the rose was the favorite flower of Venus the goddess of love. Over 15million roses are purchased every valentine’s day.

12. Cupid is a common symbol of Valentine’s day because he is the god of desire.

13. Usually, most babies born are in November and that about nine months after Valentine’s Day.

14. There was once a belief in middle age that unmarried persons you met on Valentine’s Day would become your spouse.

15. As well as Canada, the US, and Mexico many countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day including Europe and Asia except Russia.

16. Verona, Italy, the place where Shakespeare lovers Romeo and Juliet, lived receives over 1000 letters addressed to Juliet every Valentine’s day. 

17. The term wearing your heart on your sleeve came from the middle ages where men and women wear the name of their Valentine on their sleeve for one week, letting people know how they feel.

Days from 7th to 14th of February

7th Feb – Rose day

8th Feb-Propose day

9th Feb-Chocolate day

10th Feb-Teddy day

11th Feb-Promise day

12th Feb-Hug day

13th Feb-Kiss day

14th Feb- Valentine’s day

Rose day

The day starts with Rose Day on the 7th of February. Roses are of various colors like Red, white, purple, black, etc. Each color of rose means different things. There is also yellow roses which means friendship and the red rose mean love. The white rose means the new marriage.

Propose day

On this day which is on the 8th of February people generally propose they’re loved once to be in a relationship. Its the second day of Valentine’s week. People also do marriage proposals on this day.

Chocolate day

The 3rd day of Valentine’s day is a chocolate day. It simply means on this day the people give chocolate to their loved once as a gift. You can also give chocolate to your friends and family members. 

Teddy day

On this day people gift teddy to their loved once as girls mostly like Teddy. 4th day of Valentines.

Promise day

People make promises to their lived once on this day. Individuals are quite casual to make their promise.

Hug day

People generally show their immense love by hugging they’re loved once. We hug because we are glad that they are in our lives or from some other reason.

Kiss day

Love feels incomplete without a kiss to our loved once. When we kiss someone we can feel the love which we have towards them. Kiss day is on 13th of February. 

Best things to do on Valentine’s day

  • Enjoy a win whit your partner
  • Go for a long drive
  • Spend alone time with your loved once
  • Go to yoga classes
  • Go for a hike
  • Go for a ballroom dancing
  • Make a good album of your relationship.
  • Craft something that you both share in common.
  • Host a game to your friend’s house
  • Communicate with a letter rather than from speech.
  • Give some massage to each other.

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