Stephen king

Stephen King

Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine, the largest city of the mostly rural state that serves as the setting for so many of the famous stories. Stephen was the second son born to Nellie and Donald Kind, but a family of four soon became the family of 3. When Stephen was only two years old and his brother only four, their father went out telling the family he was buying a pack of cigarettes. He never returned after that. King’s mother worked several jobs, moving with the boys from Maine, going from state to state to find work and a place she could afford to live and raise two boys on her own. But Maine was home, and its where the family eventually settled for good. When the family moved back there, they didn’t have indoor plumbing as it was the 1960s. King used to acknowledge he is always liked scary things. His friends tell stories about how the family was known for their attention to literature. “My childhood was pretty ordinary, except at a very early age I wanted to be scared. I just did. I was scared. There was something in the closet. My imagination was very active even at a young age.”

King’s love of stories and the written word was fostered from an early age. Ling and his wife Tabitha also made their kids read aloud and theirs to them. Hed even record them on cassettes to make the family their collections of audiobook.grwoing up, he also wrote material for his brother’s newsletter called “Deve Rag”, they made copies on a mimeograph machine and distributed it to their friends. But King was soon able to move beyond just writing for his sibling’s newsletter. He was also published in Comics Review in 1965 at his high school. The story was right in line with the frightening plots we all know King for today. He had been working as a gravedigger to earn money as a teenager. This job inspired him to write a story called “I was a teenage grave robber”, and its publication was his first taste of published success. But the downside was, he didn’t get paid for it.his first paid publication didn’t come until he was in college and earned 35 dollars for called the glass Floor. He later graduated from Lisbon Falls High School, the school in the town that later became setting for portions of the book “11/22/63”.

Facts about Stephen king

  • In the autumn of 1974, the King moved to Boulder Colorado where they lived for less than a year. During this time King wrote, “ The Shining” which is set in Colorado. He once said in a BBC interview that the character of Jack Torrance was the most autobiographical character which is more than a little unsettling. At the time King was struggling more and more with alcoholism.
  • The King returned to New England in the summer of 1975 purchasing a home in Bridgeton in the Lakes region of western Maine where King finished writing ‘The stand” much of which is also set in Boulder Colorado. King’s seventh novel “The Dead Zone” was also written in Bridgeton. 
  • In 1977, The King left newenglands and spent three months of a planned year-long stay in Old England, also known as England. For the next couple of years, the family moved back and forth between Center Lavelle and orange urn near Banga. So King could teach creative writing at the University of Maine. 
  • During the 70s and 80s, Stephen would occasionally play poker with Game of Thrones author George RR Martine. When they were both attending sci-fi conventions. The pair have remained good friends and have since appeared alongside each other at talks.
  • King has since admitted he was drunk virtually the entire time he was writing his tenth novel The 1981 psychological horror “Cujo”. Which tells the story of a rabid dog who goes on a human killing spree. As a result, King barely remembers writing any of it at all.
  • He also stated that he wrote all 317 pages of the 1982 sci-fi novel “The running man” over a single week rather than as usual span of three months.
  • By the 1980s, kings’ problems with alcohol have progressed to other drugs. Particularly cocaine. In 1985 King made his directional debut with the movie “Maximum Overdrive”. An adaptation of his short story trucks for which he also wrote the screenplay. It would not be unfair to say that upon release the film was almost universally hated which probably had something to do with the fact that King was by his admission and coked out of his mind all through its production and that he didn’t know what he was doing.
  • King’s drug problem became so serious that his wife was forced to organize an intervention attended by grouper family and friends, who confronted him about the effect his behavior was having on his health and relationships. By the late 80s, King had quit all drugs and alcohol and had been sober ever since.
  • In 1986, King published one of his more well-known novels “IT”. The book has been adapted to screen more than once and tells the story of a group of children who were terrorized by the evil entity. Who primarily appears in the form of a nightmarish clown called Pennywise.
  • In the original Tv mini-series adaptation of IT, The terrifying clown was famously played by menacing English actor Tim Curry. However, the curry wasn’t the only person considered for the role. The godfather of shocked Rock himself Alice Cooper was also in the running for the role curry presumably crept everyone out enough that they gave him after fear.
  • In 1987, King published misery which tells the story of a popular writer who was held captive by a deranged fan. It was later adapted into a critically acclaimed film of the same was partially inspired by the negative fan reaction of one whose book “ The eyes of the Dragon”.

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