Nikola Tesla

Nicola Tesla
Born: July 10, 1856, Smiljan, Croatia
Died: January 7, 1943, The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel,
New York, United States

Nicola Tesla born in the Austrian empire was an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist. He was born on 10th July 1856 and died on 7th January 1943. He studied physics in the 1870s finishing just in 3 years without receiving a degree. He is best known for his contribution in alternating current system. He gained practical experience in his 1880s with Thomas Edison in the electric power industry.

He was a neutralized citizen in the United States. He worked for a short period for Edison in New York City after which he started his own company. In his company, Tesla developed a range of electrical and mechanical devices in his laboratories. He marketed his work with the help of his finance partners in New York. With the innovations, if Tesla he also developed a range of experiments on electrical discharge, mechanical generators and X-ray imaging.

He made pronouncements with the possibility of wireless communication with his device. But he ran out of funding before he could complete the wireless communication and power transmitter. After spending most of his money, he lived New York hotels leaving unpaid bills. He died in New York in 1943. His work fell into obscurity after his death.

Facts about Nicola Tesla

  • Celibacy played a role in his creativity. He lived a very simple life and kept focused on his work. He used to work from 9 to 6. All he could think of was new inventions leaving any kind of drama or women. As a child, he almost died which made him very careful with his overall health.
  • The famous picture of him standing a lightning bulb is fake. It was used as publicity to generated capital for new projects.
  • Before he died, he lived in luxury hotels. His life was full of ups and downs but as he gained more popularity, his bank accounts grew.
  • He used to cook at his birthday press conferences.
  • He could have become a billionaire. After working for Thomas Editions Company he opened his own company. He made a lot of money out of his inventions but was terrible with finances and businesses.
  • He had a gambling addiction. Although he was a genius admired by so many, he had a hard time in school. Even as a child, he struggled proving himself because the teacher thought he copied as he could do calculus in his head.
  • He is claimed to have nearly created an earthquake in manhattan during his experiment on electro-mechanical oscillator.

Tesla IQ?

IQ is expected to be from 160 points to 310 points. He was a genius who was able to speak 8 different languages. HE was a Croatia engineer that developed technology of controlling electricity in generators, household, FM radio, and remote controller. Investor Morgan invented $150000 in Teslas Warfenclyffe Tower- a wireless communication system that Tesla never completed.

He has a very good memory because of which symbolize all the complicated details on the machine. He could remember a whole book immediately and conduct experiments that are hard to with modern technology.

 His inventions

The first of his invention was about the alternating current which we study till now. AC motors are used for transmitting power by using two or three-phase current in 1887. Tesla, later on, made a plane to broadcast electricity through earth. With underground wires and overhead cables, it made electricity available for everyone in the world. It made communication much cheaper and accessible.

Invention was the first radio-controlled boat in 1898. It is the ancestor of today’s remote-controlled drones. Many people don’t know about this invention. But it illustrated challenges that he had to face to invent something which is ahead of time. Tesla came to this idea when investigating radio waves.

Designed his own wave generator a high voltage transformer called Tesla coils. He demonstrated his new coil by wirelessly illuminating lamps in his laboratory. It amazed the visitors. He then realized that if he could turn the lamps on and off from distance, he could create an automaton or a robot.

To further study the conductivity of the nature of low pressure, he set up an experimental station at high altitude in Colorado spring. To fund his experiment, $1000000 was given by John Jacob Astor to become a major shareholder in Nikola Teslas Company. Astor was told to invest his money on the wireless lighting system. But Tesla instead invested in Colorado Spring.

Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla car?

The electric Tesla cars are not made by Nicola Tesla. But he has contributed to the AC motors which are used in Tesla cars. Due to this reason, Tesla was named after Nicola Tesla. Currently, the CEO of the company is Elon Musk.

Movies like The Secret of Nikola Tesla, N, Nikola Tesla, The Genius Who Lit the World, The Prestige has been made highlighting the biography and documentary of Nicola Tesla.

Nicola Tesla Sleep habits

He claimed that he never sleeps more than two hours per night. But he used to sleep lightly time to time for recharge. He developed a game of passion chess and card playing during his second year at Graz spending up to 48 hours of his time. He used to work intensely of 84 hours continuously without rest.


He used to walk between 8 and 10 miles per day. He used to curl his toes one hundred times because it stimulated his brain.


1937, Tesla died at the age of 81 went through a taxi accident after lifting the Hotel New Yorker. This incident happened when he was out to feed pigeons and was crossing the road. He refused to consult a doctor after which he was never fully recovered. In 1943 on 7th January Tesla died in the room of 3327 New Yorker Hotel. The main cause of his death was Coronary thrombosis which is a formation of a blood clot inside a blood vessel of the heart. At last,he remains one of the greatest scientists of all time.

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