Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Children’s Day is a commemorative date celebrated annually in honor of children’s. It is also known as children’s rights day or international children’s right day. Children’s day was established in 1954. It is celebrated on 20th November. It is particularly done to promote welfare and togetherness for children. Around the world it was then adopted by the UN general assembly 1959. It is also the day when the UN general adopted the convention for children’s rights in 1989. It is celebrated in many countries but on different dates. In some countries, the children are given presents. In other countries, they are given a school holiday and take part in some events.

According to UNICEF 22,000 die every day as a result of poverty. There are an estimated 168 million children who are involved with child labor . There is also an estimated 33,000 homicide death in children under the age of 15 years. Almost 15 million girls are married as a child every year and denied the right to education and health. 38 percent of children leave primary school without learning how to read, write and do simple arithmetic. The gender gap is closing for girls in the youth literacy rate. An appeal for nearly 3 us billion dollars. To help children in humanitarian emergencies worldwide has been launched.

What difficulties do children face?

Not everyone has a good childhood. 20 percent of the children of the world live in poverty than adults, even though the child is the one-third of the global population. Many children live without access to clean water or health care. Some are even forced to join the army and live in extremely dangerous places. Over 130 million children do not attend school and even those who do become sick frequently and reduce the learning process.

What can we do?

The convention of child rights is the world’s promise to children that we will do anything to protect them and to help them grow. Still, there is a lot to be done to make it safer and more supportive for children. The best news is that your adult has the power to influence the next generation wonderfully. Let the children know that they also are just like other human beings.

What is the meaning of Universal Children’s Day?

The meaning of universal children’s day is to celebrate international togetherness and awareness. It is on 20th November.

Why is Universal Children’s Day celebrated?

It is celebrated mainly to create a deeper understanding between children and to promote protection for children.

Who came up with Universal Children’s Day?

Universal children’s day was first announced by the United Nations in 1954.

What age is considered a child?

It is legally defined as a child who is below the age of 18 years.

How to celebrate universal children’s day?

As almost all the countries celebrate this day in the different dates, the first question you should ask your self is that which date you want to celebrate children’s day. If you have children you can have a good time spending with them and visiting different places. Visiting places like the zoo, national parks are a fun way to make children excited. They also get more excited when seeing wild animals and other species.

You can also go to watch a movie or a TV series so that you can discuss the story of a movie later on. Many people don’t realize that watching cartoons and child movies not only is for enjoyment. But also for big life lessons that in it for children’s, about friendships, loyalty, love and common sense.


Moving to the deeper history of children’s day is on the second Sunday of June in 1857. IT was introduced by Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard, in Chelsea. Leonard named the day rose day and then named children’s day.

The official children’s day was first declared a national holiday by the republic of turkey with the date of 23rd April. It has been celebrated since 1920. BY the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal, it was decided to declare the children’s day later and was declared in 1929. Since the 1950s the international day of children is observed in many countries since 1st June. But only later the women’s international democratic federation in Moscow introduced major holidays. Which is on 20th November in 1949.

In September 2012 Ban Ki-moon of UN-led the initiative for education of children. He wanted every child of the world to attend school from 2015 and also he wanted to improve the skills that are in this school. HE also tried to promote peace and respect regarding implementing politics. This is not only a day to celebrated for who they are but also the day to bring awareness to children around the world that have experienced violence. It may in forms of abuse, exploitation, and discrimination. The international labor organization in 1999 adopted the elimination of worst forms of child labor including prostitution, child labor, and pornography.

Give kids a smile

There are children who don’ts smile just because they have yellow teeth because of a lack of dental care. Or maybe their parents cannot afford it. We can help by giving kids volunteering to turn frowns into smiles.

Some list of the rights that a child needs to be given:

These are founded on respect and worth of each child, regardless of color, race, language, and gender.

  1. Every child has the right to be born wall and well-nourished.
  2. Every child has the right to get the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and water.

Every child has a right to have all the things that he/she needs for a better life.

  1. Every child has a right to freedom from torture.
  2. Every child has a right to participation which is to express his/her thoughts and religion.
  3. Every child has a right to quality education.
  4. Every child has a right to equal opportunities.

The convention has nearly 54 articles that cover the Childs life out of civil, political, social and cultural rights. It as well also explains how a government should work to ensure all the rights of a child with joy.

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