Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Jayanti

Gautama Buddha is originally named Siddhartha. Buddha Jayanti also known as Buddha Purnima is the day when Gautama Buddha was born on the full moon day of the Vaisakha April 18th in Nepal. It is said that Buddha was born and attained mahapari nirvana leaving the mortal coils. on this day it was Full moon day Purnima having live on this earth for 80 years. Buddha Purnima is a public holiday mostly in Asia.

Gautama Buddha was born in a Hindu family. He belonged to the Ikshvaku dynasty, his birthday known as Buddha Purnima has an incredible significance in Hinduism. Buddha is also believed to be the ninth avatar of God Vishnu. So, Buddha Purnima is an auspicious day for the Hindus and is observed with full devotion in all over Asia. Buddha Jayanti (Vesak) is declared a public holiday by the Government of Mostly in Nepal, India, and China, etc.

Buddha’s quote: There are three things that can’t be hidden, The sun The moon and the Truth.

Buddhists visit temples on Buddha Jayanti or Buddha Purnima to listen to monks give talks and recite verses. These verses are mostly of ancients. Buddhists may spend all day in temples. Some of the temples display the statue of Buddha sleeping or as of baby Buddha. The statue is decorated with flowers. Visitors pour water over the statue which symbolizes a pure and new beginning. Other statues of Buddha are worshiped by offerings of flowers and fruit.

Story of Buddha

Gautama went to every known master of the time. He was intellectually so brilliant and his longing was so great. If he went to a place that normally somebody would pick it up in years, he would do it in weeks. There are eight types of Samadhi; he achieved all right of them. But still, he knew, this is not a fullness of life. Still longing. When nothing else worked, he took it to an extreme path which is as Samanas. One of the most basic aspects of their life is, they never ask for food, just keep walking, and walking. Gautama took a path so seriously that he didn’t walk in the direction as to where food is, simply walked straight. In the process, he destroyed his body badly. His body became very weak, skinny and bones because he did not go in search of food unless it came to him, he never ate.

One day he came to the banks of Niranjan. It is a small stream just about 2 feet’s flowing little swiftly. He came, he tried to cross. Halfway down he could not take another step, he did not have the strength in his body. There was one dead branch of a tree and he held on to it. We do not know how long he stood there. In his weakness holding on to this must have felt like a long time. It might have been just a few minutes, it may be a few hours, we don’t know. But in his experience, it was a long time. He just hung there, he had no strength to take the next step but he was not a kind to give up. Then suddenly he realized the problem was that he was trying to realize. Not allowing that to take him, he was trying to take that. He is trying to realize something limitless, which is boundless then he became absent.

Suddenly he had the strength to take his few steps and cross the river. He went there and sat down under a tree. Now known the Bodhi tree. He sat there and decided. “Either I must become a part of it or I will die here”. He told himself he will not get up from that place”, He sat down. The full moon was rising where he attained to his fullest and sat there in a certain state of blissfulness.

Why do we celebrate Buddha Jayanti?

Triply auspicious Buddha attained enlightenment on this day. Buddha Purnima was considered strictly favorable by the Buddhist and all over the world. The other means of this event are Vasakha Purnima and Vasakha day. Born as the prince of kapilabastu, Buddha was named as, Siddhartha, by his parents. Before his birth, a prophecy noted, he shall either become a great ruler or a great acetic. In fear of losing the Siddhartha prince, the royal family confined him to the portals of the palace. Once during his 29th year, Siddhartha came out of the palace for the first time only to spot the decided man and old man and a dead body on the way.


Over the years Buddha Purnima has turned as a social religious and cultural festival. Some of the events organized on this day include Budhi drumela, sutra sepal, religious speeches and meditation worship to the Buddha statues. The celebration often lasts for 3 days to 1 week. Bodh Gaya is a festive on the day of Buddha Purnima. Lakhs of devotees are seen pouring at this most popular site. The statue of Buddha is batched with holy waters and worshiped, honored and celebrated in several ways. Group meditations: People participate in group meditation and resolve to follow the teaching of the relegated master and later ansperate. Buddha Purnima reminds of the great contribution of Buddha to the lives of men on the earth and serves to install his message to the hearts of millions across the world.

The three sides:

These three sides made him realize life is full of sorrows and just temporary. Siddhartha left the princely life at once and in search of the truth. He went in deep meditation inside thick woods. He got the most honored title, Gautama Buddha once he attained enlightenment.

·      The five main rules of Buddhism:

·      To refrain from living creatures

·      To refrain from misuses of the conscious sense or sexual offenses.

·      Not to lie or gossip

·      And to not take intoxicants that harm us intellectually

What do you mean by Buddha Jayanti?

It marks the day of birth, death, and enlightenment of Lord Buddha. This day is on the Full Moon day April or May.

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